Started 21 years ago in Wangsa Maju, back then we were known as Creative Learning Centre.
Natural Learning focuses on an overall development in a child - Social, Physical, Academic, Spiritual and Manners
We teach and handle the children with love and care, we are in the business of creating a better future generation.
Our classroom is beyond the four wall classroom.

Naluri Concept

Learning Every day, Everywhere and Everytime, Connected Learning, A Happy Child Learns From His Environment.



Puan Azlin Mohamad: Mother of Irfan (4 years old)

I would like to say a million thanks to Naluri management, especially to Melawati branch, for a great creative education system implemented, whereby i can see a good progress to my son, especially on his communication & social skills.

Puan Fadlina: Mother of Akiff Eiman bin Amir Asyraf

Teknik pembelajaran yg santai dan tiada tekanan membolehkan anak-anak lebih cepat menerima apa yang diajar. Anak menjadi seronok untuk ke sekolah. Anak sudah boleh mengingat surah alfatihah, beberapa surah pendek dan tahu perkara asas tentang solat.